Application Procedure

Artists may apply for Emergency Career Grants if they are made aware of important career-building opportunities, but timing makes it impossible to apply and qualify within normal deadlines. If the applicant has received funds from a previous Merola grant within three months of an Emergency Career Grant application, a Usage Report must be submitted regarding the use of those funds up until the date of the Emergency Career Grant request.

Before being considered, artists must complete the Emergency Grant application, indicate the specific need(s) for which the funds are being requested, the time period during which the grant will be used, and include a proposed budget with specific known costs (in U.S. dollars).  

The Committee may, in its discretion, consider unexpected opportunities, such as immediate travel to an audition or competition, for which the artist was not able to have planned. The Career Grants Committee may recommend such urgent requests to the Executive Committee for immediate funding.

 If the funds granted cannot be used toward expenses for which the grant was requested and used, or if there are unused funds, in order to maintain eligibility for future grants, the recipient must either return the unused funds or get approval from Merola before using the grant funds for any other expenses.

 In January of every year, a 1099-MISC will be sent to all recipients who have been awarded career grants which exceed the payment threshold for that particular year, currently $600.

Usage Reports Requirement

All recipients are required to complete the Merola Emergency Career Grant Usage Report, which is sent as a link embedded in their Emergency Career Grant Award Letter. Within four months after the date of the career grant application and prior to any subsequent grant requests the Usage Report is due. This report must include a short statement, and a comparison between the expenses in the budget submitted with the application and the expenses actually incurred during the grant period. Please include totals of each expense listed in the application as well as actual expenses. Copies of receipts for expenses are required to be attached to the Usage Report. 

If a Usage Report is not submitted within four months after the career grant application date or if it shows that funds were used for purposes other than those requested, and approval by Merola was neither sought nor given, a Career Grant request will not be considered from that applicant for two or more grant cycles.

Applications must be accompanied by documentation from an outside source which shows that the requests are, indeed, emergencies. (A good example would be written acceptance during the middle of a quarter from competition or audition representatives requiring that the applicant pay for fees, travel, etc. to the competition or audition before the next Merola Career Grant cycle.) 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.